When Nathan Shelton founded ARCANE, he set out to bring together a cabal of like-minded creatives who share a passion for all things dark, twisted, and mysterious.  Together, the artists of ARCANE create numerous stage, screen, live event, and audio productions as well as the design and fabrication of specialty makeup effects, masks, & props for industry and consumer applications.

Welcome to Veritas. A city of hidden terrors long forgotten by the modern world of 1931. And some things in the shadows are best left forgotten…

SHADOW BOUND follows famed pulp horror writer, Jack Pickman, as he returns to his childhood home after the mysterious death of his estranged father. Jack begins investigating and discovers evidence that his father’s last case may have led to his untimely death. Along with his newfound allies, Jack finds himself in a desperate race to save the world from an ancient evil that has emerged from the shadows.

SHADOW BOUND is a black-and-white silent horror web series (2014) & film (2024), inspired by the collected works of H. P. Lovecraft.

*NOTE: As of 2022, the web series episodes have been made private, as the production team is reworking the original series as a feature film that will be seeking distribution in 2024 (the 10-year anniversary of the original series)

SHADOW BOUND Series Trailer

Theatre Productions & Live Events

Stage productions directed and designed by Nathan Shelton with Arcane Productions

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Podcasts & Audio productions from Nathan Shelton and the devious minds at Arcane.